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We cover commercial, residential, and high-level gutter cleaning tasks in multiple locations. Such as Horwich, Westhoughton, Ainsworth, Breightmet, Egerton, Farnworth, Little Lever, Blackrod. A property roof is made to direct rain water down the slopes into the gutters draining the water away. 

Your property downpipes and gutters play a crucial role in guaranteeing the movement of rainwater effortlessly away from your property roofline. If the level of water in gutter increases due to a blockage this can then cause you further in the future.

Blockages can cause a overflow of water which can downpour over either way internally or externally. If you are facing any of these issues with your guttering system then get in touch. We cover Bolton and the surrounding areas. BrightWhite are happy to help you to carry out your gutter cleaning and clearing tasks. Safety is at the forefront of our minds at all times and all of our professional workers have plenty of experience in working heights. 

Over 10+ years of experience in the gutter cleaning and clearing industry. Having faced all kinds of challenges you can be sure with us is that when we come we get the job done.

We Cover All Of Bolton & Surrounding Areas

Our company cover various locations in Bolton and offer gutter cleaning services in every surrounding area at reasonable prices. BrightWhite UPVC are in demand for there gutter cleaning services in Bolton.  BrightWhite UPVC have you covered No job to small or to big.


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Gutter Clearing & Repair Services

BrightWhite Gutter cleaning Bolton offer wide range of property external cleaning services to all of our customers. Most of our work are customers use us time and time again. Finding solutions to resolve every type of gutter maintenance task is something we seem to be good at. Keeping our customers up to date is key at all times. You can guarantee a good job done each and everytime. All our staff are continuously trained and up dated.
Brightwhite Serve Bolton and surounding areas for gutter cleaning and clearing. Our equipment is regularly checked for health and safety purposes. We will remove all the debris from your gutters using a ladder or a gutter vac system.During the course of 12 months your gutters will experience heat and cold temperatures. This makes the gutters shrink and expand, In time it can lead to breakages and leaks along your roofline.

Use BrightWhite Gutter cleaning Bolton for any of your gutter cleaning problems, we have all the innovative tools to fix any type of broken gutters. Not all customer requirements is the same as the last customer we served, we know this. Therefore we also offer home visits to estimate as well as a online quote calculator.
Any gutter issue taking place in any location in Bolton and surrounding we will provide a 24/7 emergency call out service to all customers BrightWhite will work for commercial, domestic and residential customers. All gutter cleaning includes the fascia, soffit and downpipes. Any blockages are cleared of any dirty water and debris. Using only the best fascia, soffit and gutter cleaning products to clean and restore your gutters.

You can be sure of getting back your property kerb appeal after we have been. Check out our photo gallery to see. Moreover, we can also provide you a Upvc cleaning, gutter cleaning and restoration service. In which we aim to provide you a professional gutter clearance service. Any issues we have faced in our years of gutter clearing and cleaning such as a gutter above a conservatory we manage to do. When buying your new beautiful conservatory most people don’t pause and think how will we access the gutter above if we ever have any issues? It is difficult for most to clean this gutter. No need to worry we have a method and the job in hand that works. Is safe above a glass conservatory roofs as well. 

The job will be booked around your convenience. Brightwhite Gutter Cleaning Bolton have you covered for all your gutter cleaning and clearing tasks. With our gutter services we can clean both internal and external guttering’s. Depending on the job type we can use a ladder and other tools to get the job done. The gutter is compulsory to most property’s and without a gutter, the heavy rain can cause leaks. Left unnoticed can eventually leak indoors and cause damp.  Due to the gutter system, the water goes away from the garage and does not damage the surrounding. 

We clean all garages guttering with any full house gutter cleaning job booked in with us. BrightWhite can also replace fascia, soffit and gutter systems of various types with this process. We would need to measure up to get all the correct sizes before we can estimate you. You can choose from a wide range of colours now we will install them to meet all your requirements. Let BrightWhite provide you a 5 star gutter maintenance service where we can repair, clean, and effectively replace the gutters if needed. 

The drainage system is crucial for any gutter. AXA Insurance recommend clearing your gutters at least once every 12 months. Making the best of your gutter drainpipes for better gutter drainage.


If you want a stand out exterior, it is not enough to clean out the gutters, people pay special attention to your property gutters BrightWhite  give a meticulous gutter cleaning service throughout Bolton. This level of attention will give your building an inexpensive but massive uplift. If you neglect clearing and cleaning your gutters on a regular basis, this could cause more expensive repercussions long term. A blocked and unclean gutter  can affect the foundations of your building and cause untold damage like water damage to your walls and damp. 

It can also affect the stability of your roof. A gutter system that is constantly blocked will prevent your gutter system from working effectively and damage the actual system in the long run.  A constant build up of debris and water will damage your guttering system in the long run and you will have to pay for an expensive replacement. Blocked gutters often attract all sorts of pests like mice, squirrels, rats, and birds, all of which have potential health risks.


We offer affordable gutter cleaning estimates fast and easy online and  cover all areas of Bolton. OAP discounts.

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Our workers are experts as they can easily clean gutters from the ground by using the special gutter cleaning equipment. We offer a industrial gutter cleaning services in all areas of Bolton.

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We are available for 24 hours in all the mentioned locations, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you the gutter cleaning services on time and with great responsibility and we hope that you will love our gutter cleaning services.

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